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Group Therapy & Trainings

Group Meeting

Group support can be invaluable in the treatment process. Becoming part of a group allows clients to learn from others and provides a sense of community with increased support from peers. We offer several ongoing skill-focused group treatments. Some are geared toward adults and adolescents with eating disorders or PCOS, and others for parents, spouses, and loved ones of clients.


Contact us today if you are interested in learning more or to get registered for one of the upcoming groups:

"A Comprehensive Approach to Eating Disorders, RED-S, and Movement in Sports": Interactive Virtual Webinar, Friday, March 1st, 2024 

Enhance your influence on athlete well-being and performance through our in-depth training led by an experienced sports and eating disorder dietitian. Delve into the connection between sports, eating disorders, and RED-S, gaining practical strategies and insights. Designed for professionals, this session encompasses prevention, intervention, screening tools, and real-life case studies, empowering you to be a more informed and effective provider in the dynamic realm of sports, recovery, and athlete care. 

Seats are limited! Register today to secure your spot! 

Empowering Professionals, A Comprehensive Approach to Eating Disorders, RED-S, and Movemen

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for group session details.

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