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Virtual Nutrition Counseling

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Nutrition DiscoveRD® recognizes how busy our clients' schedules are, so we provide nutrition counseling by video conference (also called Teletherapy) for clients located in Alabama, Arizona, California, Colorado, Kentucky, Michigan, Mississippi, Texas, and Virginia. It is a convenient way to attend nutrition counseling sessions while in the comfort of the client's own home, office, or while traveling. ​

Virtual sessions are conducted via HIPPA compliant software. The use of this software is included in your session and is at no additional cost to you. Contact Us today for a FREE consult and we can explore whether or not Teletherapy is suitable for you.

Please note, Teletherapy may not be covered by your health care plan. Please consult with your carrier prior to beginning services. A superbill can be provided for your reimbursement.

Call 214-838-8237 or email

 to schedule a video conference appointment.

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