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Nutrition DiscoveRD practices the Health at Every Size (HAES) philosophy which is a weight neutral approach to wellness. We promote eating for well-being, rather than focusing on the number on a scale. We accept and respect the inherent diversity of body shapes and sizes and reject the idealizing of specific weights.

Society today is increasingly critical and judgmental regarding body image and food choices.  Everyone is bombarded daily with mixed messages about health, weight, and happiness in social media, internet, radio, TV, and advertising resulting in dieting to achieve unrealistic results.  Research shows that dieting has a 95-98% failure rate and often leads to weight gain, which is why there are so many different programs available and none that make a lasting impact.


Instead of dieting, we help our clients discover how to become mindful and intuitive eaters by listening to their bodies physical, physiological, and emotional hunger and fullness cues. Through wellness nutrition counseling, clients gain a better understanding of the basics of nutrition while challenging and debunking diet culture. Each individual will learn more about the personal impact that food has on mood and mental health. ​Clients will also explore what motivates them, what goals they strive to reach, how to incorporate movement, and how to become more confident in who they are and how they feel!  

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